Mass Torts


By failing to adequately warn consumers and doctors of known risks of their drugs or products, large pharmaceutical companies endanger lives and can cause permanent birth defects.

These pharmaceutical companies are experienced and skilled at fighting lawsuits, so this type of case requires a law firm with skill, understanding of complex pharmaceutical litigation issues and integrity to take on “Big Pharma.”

Recently, Christopher Cueto teamed with a group of nationally renowned attorneys to confront major pharmaceutical companies around the nation. This group taps into a wealth of experience and talent to deliver its clients the best results in high-profile cases.

The Law Office of Christopher Cueto’s attorneys have in-depth knowledge of U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations and know how to litigate against corporations that put profit ahead of safety. Christopher Cueto fights for fair compensation for anyone harmed by a defective drug.

The firm’s attorneys are currently investigating claims for the following pharmaceutical drugs or products:

Depakote – This drug has been linked to serious birth defects in children born to mothers who were perscribed the drug while pregnant. Click here for more information.

Vaginal Mesh/Tape/Slings – These devices are associated with severe complications that include bladder and other infections, severe pain, bowel/bladder/blood vessel perforation and bleeding, inflammation, and a recurrence of the proplase or incontinence for which it was placed. Click here for more information.